This was one of most favorite pieces of pottery. This was the skirted form and we had to play with thetexture. The texture was something i tried that was new to me and i've realized that i like more of a smooth surfaceand it's hard for me to play along with the texture.

This was our final project we had to make a set of six.I decided to make a table set which was two bowls two plates and two mugs. I used black and redunderglaze on top of a regular glaze. this was also something new i had decided to try.i had fun making these and this was actuallymy first time making plates.

This was another donut project i made. Professional pottery artists have a calling meaning that they are really good at one specific artand this is definetl one of my calling projects. I enjoy making these things on the potters wheel.I also entered this in the winter chili bowl art musuem/ contest. I'm very proud of this piece.I had to make a donut and let it leather hard dry and theni had to rip pieces apart and put them togethe so they match up like so.
This is a teapot that we were suppose to make on an extruder.It was very interesting because if you weren't careful enough the clay would rip while coming out of the extruder.It wasn't one of my favorite projects but it was fun making this teapot.
This was another donut project. we had to make a donut on the potters wheel and also abase bottom and base top. At first i thought i could set a candle inside of the top one soit would be a artist candle holder but candles dont fit on the top.This project was fun but if i could redo it i would glaze it different colors and also make it bigger.