Ceramics 3

This is the lidded bowl i made on the wheel. I struggled making the bottom portion beside i couldn't get a lip to hold up the lid. My favorite part to the project was the glaze on the lid it looks like water.

This was my favorite project by far. i love making things that are very abstract in their own way. Adding the dice on the coil was an added inspiration when i thought of it. I'll continue making abstract items because things this easy are not very hard.

The coleman bowl was a bit tricky if i do say so myself.
There was a certain point you couldnt push anymore and at times it worried me
if i would break through to the outside.

Volkos stack was a great project. It was from the inspiration of an Artist. Glazing this portion was alot of fun and i enjoyed working on this project alot.
This was my set of 4. I decided to do mugs instead of bowls because mugs you can be more creative with.
I enjoyed making the handles with the button that is on top. Glazing them was fun.
i glazed them brick red and i had drips coming down the top that was blue.
This was a great project!